Hink for Ladies by MaeT

{October 7, 2009}   Hello Internetz!

I’m back!  Sorry I’ve been out so long…I’ve had a very bad year personally, plus a move, so sewing has really been at the bottom of my list, but I’m back now.

I’ve got some fun projects on my list of “things to do” and also I”m looking forward to attending this event in November and hoping to network some!

I’m also hoping to get some more knitting under my belt, so I may be using this site to that purpose, too.

I just wanted to check in and see if anyone is still reading this…thank you SewDucky for your support and comments on my other blogs over the past months.  I’ve been an aweful “internet friend” lately, but I still check in on you!  Hope you’re still around and want to be “bloggy buddies” still!

Okay…hope to have some stuff up for you all in the next few days!


{May 4, 2009}   Progress

I’ve made progress on my Harry Potter dress, but I didn’t take pics yet – try to get them up here tomorrow! Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!

{March 26, 2009}   Sorry…

Hey all…sorry I’ve been so lame on the posting. I’ve not been sewing much the last 2 weeks, as I’ve been dealing with some life stuff. Hopefully I’ll be able to put something up next week. I did purchase the pattern for the Harry Potter gown, but haven’t been able to get the fabric yet.

{January 28, 2009}   I’m still here…

…I didn’t disappear. I’m working on a really fun and easy project right now, but it’s a gift for someone, so I can’t post it until they get it! But don’t worry, It’ll be up soon!

{October 23, 2008}   An Explination…

I figured I should explain the name of my blog. Since I’ve decided to start sewing my own clothes (and hopefully someday DESIGN my own clothes), I decided I needed a style. I don’t really have a style. My current wardrobe runs all over the place! I need a style I can make my own. So I decided that what I want my style to be is really a combination between hippie and punk so the word HINK was born, with some help from my husband.

So what is the hippie/punk style? Well, I think that’s what this blog is about, trying to find that style and create it! I’ve got a few ideas, and hopefully I can showcase them on this blog at some point. Until then, I have at least created a label that I want to make to put into my creations.

Here it is, what do you think?

{October 22, 2008}   And it begins…

I’ve started sewing. I’m not terribly good yet, but I’ve made a few things and thought I’d start a blog to show case what I’ve done as a sort of record for myself and hopefully someday I’ll be good enough to sell things I make and people may even want to buy them!

For now however, this blog is mostly a way for me to keep track of my projects, share with friends and family and to have a place to put up links to neat sewing blogs/websites and such.

Feel free to check out my main blog: The Joy of Randomness, Part Deux

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