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{January 11, 2010}   Christmas sewing update

Wanted to put up a few pictures of my Christmas sewing projects.  I made two items on my machine and one knit item.  Unfortunately so far, I only have pictures of the one thing.  Will try to get pictures up of the other 2 at some point!

This little outfit is something I’ve been working on for a very long time for my new niece, Bella.  It was supposed to be a baby shower gift, but I didn’t get it done with moving and everything else going on, so it was a Christmas gift!  Here it is Christmas day as they opened it:

It’s Butterick 5220, view A.  It was a pretty easy pattern, and I got to put on a zipper and hammer on snap for the first time!  It looks huge, but I made it a bigger size so Bella could wear it for a while.  The fabric is an organic fleece from Hancock Fabrics.  It is SO incredibly soft!  I want my own sleep sack to wear made out of it!

Here’s little Bella modeling her new outfit:

Looks like it fits pretty well with some room to grow!  She looks so cozy in her little outfit! 😀

The other projects I made were some pajama pants for my husband made out of this cute green cotton with monkeys all over it.  I also knit some arm warmers out of green and black self striping yarn.  I made her a scarf 2 years ago with the same yarn, so she’s starting to have a complete set!  Next year I’ll have to do a hat, and once I learn how, mittens!

I’ll try to get pictures of the other stuff up when I can.  Hope you are all well!


{February 13, 2009}   Size 2T Jumper

As promised, I am still alive, and I finally have a project to put up here to share!  As I mentioned, this was a gift, so I had to wait until the intended recipient got it to post on here…and she did!  This is a jumper that I made for my goddaughter, Jannah.  The pattern was a free one I found on Burda StyleClick here to get the pattern!

It was a very quick sew and very cute! I made the shell out of an adorable brown floral corduroy and the lining was a lime green and orange mushroom cotton print. Here are the materials I used to make the jumper:


The pattern only required 1 yd of each fabric, so it was also very cheap to make, not to mention that once again I went shopping at Hancock Fabrics and everything was on sale, plus I had lots of coupons.  I love that store!

Everything was cut on the fold, so they recomended folding in the sides so you’d have 2 folds to work from, which I did.

b d

(You can see my fancy new Gingher scissors that my lovely husband Justin got me for Christmas…they’re amazing!)  Once the pattern pieces were cut out, the jumper was very easy to assemble.  Just attach the two top pieces, then sew the back and front together.



After you do this with the shell, repeat with the lining.  The next part was still easy, but because of the cordory was a bit more difficult.  With right sides together, I had to stich the tops of the shell and lining together.  I took a little work and adjusting to get them to match up because cordory dosen’t like to roll on itself very well!


I did get it to cooperate in the end – no floral patterned cordory is going to defeat me!!!  After that was all stitched together I hemmed up both the shell and the lining.  Fold 1/2 inch, then again and stich.  I probably should have hemmed  them BEFORE I stiched them together, but live and learn.  It really didn’t make much difference in the end what I did first.

I was originaly going to put buttons on the jumper, but I’ve never done button holes before, so I decided to learn how to do that first and opt for snaps.  Really, that was probably a better choice anyway, as this outfit was for a 1 1/2 year old, and snaps are probably easier to handle when you’re chasing her around!  I did still attach the flower buttons I bought on the outside though, purely for decoration.  I wish I had sewing the snaps on to the fabric before putting the shell and lining together, but I made it work and you can see very little of the stiching.


I just love the fabric, and I wish I could make a jumper my size out of it!  I do have enough left over that I may try and make my bucket hat pattern out of it for myself.  Here’s the finished project just before I mailed it out:


I think I did a pretty good job on it :-D.  And Jannah likes it, too!  It’s too big for her right now (I don’t know much about what size clothes fits what age kid…) but her mom, Susie, says it should be perfect for her next fall!  She was nice enough to email me some pictures of Miss Jannah modeling her new jumper, too.



What a little ham she is!  Justin and I will be heading up to visit Susie and family this weekend, and I can’t wait to see them all!  It’ll be a fun visit.


Especially with this little girl there to entertain us all!  Goodbye for now!

Ps…my next project is probably another gift, unless I get my bucket hat done first!

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