Hink for Ladies by MaeT

{December 4, 2009}   My First “Commission”

Hey all (and by all, I mean…my husband?) I know, I’ve not update even though I said I would. But I’m here now, that should count for something?

I’ve completed my first paid project! I made myself a very cute wrap dress for Easter last year, and ever since my friend Sally has wanted one. So, we found some amazing fabric at JoAnn’s and I got it on sale, because I’m like that:

It’s REALLY cute fabric!!  Jersey Knit, so a pain in the ass to sew with, but makes really nice clothes!  So got the fabric, cut out the pieces, and then Thanksgiving hit!  My husband and I hosted family from both sides, so it was hectic with planning, cleaning, cooking, cleaning and hosting.  It was a great time though and I’m so happy everyone made it!

So after the Thanksgiving rush, I was finally able to get down to business and make the dress:

It turned out really well I think!!  I sent it out in the mail today, so hopefully she will get it early next week!  It helped a lot that I had made this pattern before and worked with this type of fabric so I knew better what I could and couldn’t do!  I’m also really hoping that it fits!  Guess we’ll find out…once I get a pic from her, I’ll post that up as well!

I also finally finished my Harry Potter dress and wore it for Halloween.  I was Helena Ravenclaw:

It’s mostly finished anyway…it ended up being too big when I tried it all on!  So, my friend Trish and I did some quick fix tailoring and used some fashion tape to keep it up on Halloween night.  At some point in the future I’ll have to take the bodice apart to really bring it in, but for now it works.  I gotta say though, those sleeves were a B*TCH to put together and figure out! 😀

SewDucky says:

I love the print, and you did a fantastic job!!

No, not just your husband reads.

Salbert says:


It didn’t really take me this long to read this.

No, really, …

And I owe you a picture!

(I love the dress, it looks wonnnnnderful, and I love the way it drapes.)

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