Hink for Ladies by MaeT

{October 7, 2009}   Hello Internetz!

I’m back!  Sorry I’ve been out so long…I’ve had a very bad year personally, plus a move, so sewing has really been at the bottom of my list, but I’m back now.

I’ve got some fun projects on my list of “things to do” and also I”m looking forward to attending this event in November and hoping to network some!

I’m also hoping to get some more knitting under my belt, so I may be using this site to that purpose, too.

I just wanted to check in and see if anyone is still reading this…thank you SewDucky for your support and comments on my other blogs over the past months.  I’ve been an aweful “internet friend” lately, but I still check in on you!  Hope you’re still around and want to be “bloggy buddies” still!

Okay…hope to have some stuff up for you all in the next few days!

SewDucky says:


Don’t sweat it, I’ve been keeping up on you so I can guess at how bad it really HAS been, and I figured when/if you needed it, I’d be around.

I can’t wait for new stuff!

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