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{May 14, 2009}   Grosgrain giveaways…

Grosgrain is one of the sewing blogs that I like to look at from time to time.  She does a lot of give aways, usually of children’s clothing.  It’s all WAY too cute for words and amazingly well crafted.

On occasion she also gives away adult sized clothing.  Unfortunatly, they are still too small for me 😦  I love her style and the clothing she makes, but I figure there’s no sense entering the contests when she’s probably half my size!

However…there is a contest going on now for a too cute for words sundress that will be custom fit to the winner!!!  I’m in!  To check it out, click here!  This is also my entry into the contest.  Keep your fingers crossed at I win.  This dress is totally my style, and I’m always wishing I had a cute little sundress to throw on during the warm summer months!

There is also a give away for a fantastic necklace and a very beautiful cocktail ring.  I’m also entering for those, though if I win any of these, I REALLY hope it’s the dress!

I highly recomend checking out Grosgrain’s blog sometime and seeing her creations.  They are truly inspiring!

SewDucky says:

LOL I saw that giveaway and thought of you too! Good luck!

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