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{May 11, 2009}   A future project…

So, every once in a while, I’m sitting somewhere and all of a sudden an idea hits me for a sewing project.  A couple of years ago I all of a sudden decided I needed a red and white polka dot halter dress.  I drew out the sketch using “paint” on my computer:


And I gave the image to my friend Kate who then made this for me (this was before I began sewing myself):

Erin and Mikes Wedding 5-25-08 (8) Erin and Mikes Wedding 5-25-08 (12)

I love this dress, and the inspiration hit me when I was sitting in church and one of the kids walked by wearing a really cute red dress with tiny polka dots and a white collar.  I quickly grabbed the nearest pencil and paper and sketch out my dress during the sermon (oops, don’t tell my pastor!).

Well folks, inspiration has struck once again!!!  I think this happened in church as well (yeah, I must REALLY pay attention well during church)!  I can’t remember why this struck me as something that I had to have, but it did.

I live in Chicago.  I LOVE Chicago.  Chicago has an awesome city flag (if you’d like to see the meaning of the flag, click here):

chicago flag

I’ve decided I need a Chicago city flag skirt!  So, I have 2 possilbe designs for the skirt.  This is where I need your help.  I’ve once again used the “paint” program on my computer, so it’s just a crappy sketch drawn with the mouse, but I hope you’ll get the general idea.  I’ll put up both the pictures I’ve “drawn” and then I’ll put in one of those poll things.  Please vote for the one you think I should make!  I’ll pick the one that gets the most votes.  Hopefully I’ll be able to get to this project sometime in July!  Okay, here you are…

Design #1:

chicago flag skirt 1This is more of a straight forward interpretation of the flag design.  The top white field would probably be in panels, and the bottom part would be one section.  The design would be repeated on the back.

Design #2:

chicago flag skirt 2

This is more of an abstract interpretation of the flag design.  It would work out to be more like a “cheerleader” skirt, where the blue fields would peak out from underneath the white fields where the stars would be.  I came up with this design because I really do not look the best in solid white, so this was a way to get some more color into the skirt.  The top panel would again be one section.  The design would repeat on the back.

So there you have it folks!  Help me pick my next original creation!  Who knows, if it turns out to be an easy project, I may be able to sell something like this!

Vote away!

[…] my sewing blog.  I’d appreciate input from my Joy of Randomness friends!  Head on over to Hink for Ladies by MaeT to cast your vote! […]

susq says:

So, I voted for #1 as it looked more like the actual flag. I’m sure either one will look great! And I’m 100% sure I’d love the polka dot dress you made in black. Seriously….get on that project…or that other dress you just made would be perfect, hee hee.

But, seriously I want a dress 🙂

sally says:

#2 would be, in the words of willow, “twirly”. I’m a fan of twirly.

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