Hink for Ladies by MaeT

{April 9, 2009}   Finished?

frontOkay, so I “finished” my dress last night. That’s in quotes for 2 reasons, 1) I still have to hem the bottom and 2) as with most sleevles dress/shirts for bigger women, the arm holes are cut WAY TOO BIG!!!  Why the hell do they do that?  Do they think we WANT our bras hanging out??  Seriously, the arm holes extend below where my bra is.  I’m not really sure how to fix it.  Normally I’d take it to my friend Kate to help me, but I have a Seder dinner tonight, Good Friday worship tomorrow and early Saturday we’re heading to Louisville for Easter.  I may try to do it myself, but I’m worried I’ll ruin the dress since I don’t know how to fix it really.  Any advise would be GREATLY appreciated.

Until then, here are some more pictures!

fabric1This is the fabric all laid out before I cut it…it really is a neat pattern.  I wasn’t terribly thrilled with it when I bought it, as I didn’t have many choices at the store for prints, but it really grew on me 😀

hole Here is the hole I expertly burnt into the fabric when I put the iron on it on it’s highest setting.  Live and learn!  The hole is pretty close to the seam, so hopefully no one will notice it.  Also, the iron managed to “cauterize” the hole in a way, as the edges were burnt so that I don’t think it’ll get any bigger than it is now…I hope…

backAnd here is a shot of the back of the dress.  I was trying to be funny and “model” while I was in it.  My husband graciously took the photos, but most of them you could see my bra through the ginormous arm holes, so I’m not going to put them up and spare all of your eyes from seeing that, oh, and I haven’t shaved in a while, so I’m also sparing you my hairy armpits!  You’re welcome.  😀

SewDucky says:

Oooh i like it! It turned out very well!

According to my Vogue sewing book (since I don’t do sleeveless) it says to add bias strips to the desired height, then cut the fabric. If it gapes,then take it in at the sleeve and the bias strips as needed.

I’m going to assume (and might be wrong) if you don’t have the gape and the shoulder seams aren’t going to allow for a bit of altering (large patterns have giant shoulders too) that adding a piece of fabric tapered in a U shape when folded like bias tape, might fix it since it’s cut and made, if that makes any sense?

meggomae says:

Thanks Elaina…I’ll see what I can do! Looking forward to your big series coming up on Monday!

Judy, the quilter says:

I don’t think you can alter the large armholes once they are cut and sewn. How about stringing a piece of elastic (as SewDucky suggested) but instead of on the dress, fasten it on the bra under the arm– at the right height between the front and back straps. The elastic would be in a top seam of fabric, sewn at both ends to the elastic. The trapezoid-shaped, hemmed fabric would be attached (pinned?) to the bottom of the bra band. Then if anything is seen it will be the same fabric as the dress. The elastic would make it comfortable, yet non-revealing. Probaby a crazy idea, but the best I can think of now.

I’m making an Easter dress this year too, for similar reasons. I also have two weddings to attend in the next two months, and will wear it then. I’m making a wall-hanging for each couple, complete with a section with names and wedding date. They chose the colors. I don’t make many clothes since I’ve taken up quilting!!

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